Vettori looks forward to ICC disclosue of Woolf Review

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Vettori looks forward to ICC Executive Board honoring commitment to disclose Woolf Review

26 January 2012

New Zealand Cricket legend Daniel Vettori looks forward to the public disclosure of the contents of Lord Woolf ‘s review of the ICC Governance Structure.

“The ICC has given us their assurance that the Woolf report will be made public and we look forward to them following through on this after their upcoming Board meeting. It was a positive step by the ICC to commission Lord Woolf to complete a review of the ICC Governance Structure and we now hope they will be transparent and allow all stakeholders to understand and consider his recommendations.”

“New Zealand Cricket completed a similar review of its governance in 1995 when they commissioned the Hood Report and its recommendations were made public and adopted in full by the board at the time. These bold steps led to the establishment of an independent board governing cricket in New Zealand which has led to far better decision making in our game.”

“The cricketing landscape has changed considerably over the years and we need to ensure we have the right governance structure in place that meets the demands of the sport today. It is also important our stakeholders have confidence in the decision making of our world body and that the ICC is viewed as a world leader in sports administration – ensuring we have the best governance model will help us greatly in this regard.” said Daniel Vettori

“New Zealand Cricket Players’ Association (NZCPA) Chief Executive, Heath Mills, called the next meeting of the ICC Executive Board commencing 31 January one of the most important meetings of the ICC’s existence.

“We want the International Cricket Council to be the most effective organization that it could possibly be, to address the relevant challenges of governing an International Sport, whether those be legal, industrial, new media or just cricket operations issues

“To achieve that, they need to have a Governance Structure that reflects the modern standard for Governance for high profile Sports.

“The game has moved considerably away from a Governance Structure that is in place at the moment where Full Members are each entitled to representation around the Board table, and it desperately needs modernization, greater independence and greater accountability.

“A number of Player Associations and Players, (amongst other key stakeholders in the game that has also included the general public), all provided input into the Woolf Review and we are confident that the ICC will take on board the recommendations of the Review and make decisions in the best interests of the game as a whole”

“This is great opportunity for the Board Members to make the ICC one of the world’s premier structured sporting organizations